Google Play Lets Android Users to Pre-Register for Latest Apps

Google Play Lets Android Users to Pre-Register for Latest Apps

Google has initiated a fascinating feature letting its Android users to “Pre-Register” for all upcoming Android apps. As soon as Android introduces a new app, but doesn’t mention the launching date, then the users got vexed up till it gets launched. Google Play store apk had given a solution to this problem by introducing this “Pre-Register” app. The users can download this app just by tapping the “pre-register” icon. It has offered free download option of Pre-Register for all Android users. Once the app is set for life, there is no compulsion to download or buy this app. An alert is prompted by the user once the entire process got set up. This app is completely based on the interest of the users. They have an alternative of terminating their interest as there is no specific Lock-in option.

How does it work?

Android users must download this app for getting alerts regarding the latest upcoming Android apps. The user will be notified by updates whenever a new app is available for download. Pre-registration is an app that notifies the users by providing alerts on your device.  As soon as the app or game is available to download or buy, you will be pinged over your device.

It is not mandatory that the user must stay connected with this app constantly. If the user is no longer interested in receiving upcoming app notifications, there is an option for unregistering the app.

Terminator Genisys

Terminator Genisys Revolution is a first and foremost game that comprises this preregistration feature. The developers of the game promote their game by advertising through this “Pre-Register” app. The user receives a ping on his/her Android device, as soon as you get registered for this app. As this app is absolutely free for Android users, the customers can register this app and enjoy the gaming experience.

Both the Developers and Users can benefit where developers can boost up and create hype among the users about their game. Meanwhile, users will get awareness and good gaming experience by receiving quick intimation.

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