Kaitiakitanga in Palliser Bay

Kaitiakitanga in Palliser Bay

def: guardianship or management.

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Green Jersey, as a name, in part refers to the fact we offer “eco-tours”. Our tours take our guests into natural areas and we feel a strong responsibility to preserve and protect the environment that we rely on. As part of this, when you head out with Joe on the Cape Palliser Coastal Explorer Tour, you will find your self getting involved in the Martinborough Lions Club predator control program. Joe endeavours to check at least 5 traps during the tour, clearing out predatos such as rats, possums and stoats that can have such a devastating impact on populations of native wildlife. Once cleared the traps are baited and reset to kill again.

This year date as part of the Lions project, Joe has cleared :

  • 36 rats
  • 1 mouse
  • 6 opossum
  • 4 weasels
  • 4 hedgehogs
  • 2 stoats

We are proud of these efforts and confident that these efforts are enhancing the native bird populations in the areas being targeted, ensuring a future for Kereru, Ruru, Penguin and others.

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