By Green Jersey|13 May 2015||

Lycra free cycling! Put on a frock or your favourite tweed and come ride around Martinborough. All tours start from our base on Kitchener Street. Whether you hire a bike, choose to picnic and pedal or have a fully guided wine and vine experience, the best way to enjoy Martinborough is with the wind in your hair and Green Jersey Cycle Tours.

And if you don’t ride…we have it sorted, hop aboard our sweet rickshaws or the back of a tandem. We also do wine tours in our minibuses and can cater for up to 40 people!

And if it rains…we have a fully licensed minivan so you can still enjoy a day amongst the wines and vines.

And if you want to go further, fancier or faster…just talk to us, we are sure to have an option that suits.

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