Auckland to Wellington via Hawkes Bay - 10 Days

Ride East my friends!

Head out from Auckland towards the Coromandel Penninsula and contine on a South Eastern beat. We take quiet roads to Rotorua, Taupo around the lake and conquer the Desert Road before turning left at Taihape and riding across mountains into Napier. Then we explore the coast of central Hawkes Bay and Ride through to Wairarapa and eventually Wellington.

This itinerary can be ridden in reverse. Though it is worth noting our prevailing wind in Northwesterly, most likely to provide a tail wind on the Southern direction.

Non Cyclists are welcome as part of the itinerary and will be taken on side trips while riders are riding.

Trip Facts

  • from $4250
  • 6-20 riders
  • 1600km
  • 2-3

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