Remutaka Rail Trail - 1 Day

Get away from Wellington or Wairarapa and explore the Remutaka Rail Trail. We can meet you at the trail head or collect you from either side of the hill.

This railway line was the earliest connection from Wairarapa to Wellington but was replaced by a tunnel 50+ years ago.

The Remutaka rail trail is the most popular section of the Remutaka Cycle Trail and offers an easy, diverse ride across a mountain pass. You can enjoy learning about the early history of this region, take a dip in the clean Pakuratahi River, creep through 5 tunnels and whizz down hill across the Siberia Curve Suspension Bridge.

The Remutaka Rail Trail is an excellent outing for all ages and abilities. This is a great ride for kids!

When you have finished the trail, hold onto your bikes for an afternoon around the vines – NO EXTRA COST.



Meet at our shed, 16 Kitchener Street, Martinborough.
We will outfit you with everything you need for a great day!

It takes around 40 minutes to drive to the head of the trail.

We arrive at the start point for your ride, unload the bikes and set you up. After a navigation and safety briefing you are off on your own to explore the trail.

Make sure to read all the interpretation panels along the way – they offer excellent information about the rail history.

Stop for lunch at Summit Station, or have a swim in the Pakuratahi River!

Explore Cross Creek Station and head out to the carpark, continue riding through to Featherston or Greytown.

We will collect you from the agreed finish point and return you to our shed in Martinborough. Or to your accommodation Greytown or Featherston.

What should I wear?

Comfortable active wear (no jeans!).
Bring a merino or polyprop base layer and a raincoat/windbreaker.
Sturdy shoes with a closed in toe.

Can I bring my cycling shoes?

YES, we will supply SPD pedals free of charge on request.

What is for lunch?

We pack you a hearty lunch that consists of a filled roll, cake, fruit and snacks. We also supply drinking water, but prefer if you bring your own bottle!

If you have a special diet – simply let us know when you book.

How long does the ride take?

We generally say between 2-6 hours. It really depends on your fitness/experience and approach. Some riders are surprisingly fast. other are surprisingly s-l-o-w!

But you can relax, we track your progress during the day using a GPS device so always know where you are up to.

What if I want to stop riding early?

You can call us and let us know! We can meet you at the carpark on either side of the trail and pick you up. If there is no reception, you can summon us using the GPS tracker.

What if I have a problem on the trail?

Our bikes are very well maintained, so mechanical issues are unlikely.
If you get a puncture, we use a repair system that does not even require you to remove the bike tyre. It is so easy!

If you have the misfortune of an accident then you can contact us or the emergency services easily using your GPS tracking device. All our staff have first aid training.

Trip Facts

  • from $140
  • Private group 2-30 riders
  • 17km - 50km
  • 2-3

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