Wahoo you made it to the end of the quiz (or you are cheating!!!). Check your answers against the real deal below and see how you went. While you are here have a browse and see all the other cool services we offer.


  1. Boer War 1899-1902 – Victorian; WW 1 Gates 1914-18 Gothic; WW 2 gates 1939-45 Art Deco; Korea/Malaya/Vietnam/Stone
  2. The “I-site”, Coffee @ Knucklebones and the Library are all inside the Waihinga Centre on Texas Street
  3. Streets radiating from the square form the Union Jack in the heart of our town – Texas, Kansas, Ohio, Cork, Naples, Strasbourg – Patriotism!
  4. The town hall from 1885 to 1912 when the “new” town hall opened is at 26 Jellicoe Street – there was lots of dancing and skating!
  5. The Radium Shoe Polish managers house is the two-story house at 1 Radium Street – the factory was to the rear
  6. It was actually the First Church built here in 1871 – Gospel Chapel (64 Jellicoe); Anglican (43 Dublin); Catholic (36 Kitchener); Victory (11 Jellicoe)
  7. 98, 100, and 106 Jellicoe Street are all repurposed farm houses moved here by truck 20 years ago; 92 was built brand new about the same time
  8. The first bridge on the Ruamahanga built in October 1873 – a Ferry was at the end of road and at Lake Ferry on coast. Many people drowned crossing rivers
  9. Our oldest building built about 1870 is at 35 Weld St – it was our first Post Office and store (now a private residence)
  10. Clouston Vineyard planted from 1990 – Mainly Sauvignon Blanc – if the walk is open keep to the designated path
  11. Generals Kitchener, Jellicoe, French & Roberts – Patriotism for the British Empire & dislike of the prior German sounding names in WW1
  12. Research on a depressed economy resulted in Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Grapes planted from 1980 based on excellent terroir and climate here
  13. Most street names are from places visited on John Martin’s Grand World Tour of 1875 on his Steamship the “Taranaki” – he founded the town in 1880
  14. Its where our “shooting butts” where – target practice was important for our pioneers and butts caught the bullets!
  15. Nelsons, Huangarua, Puruatanga and Martin’s Roads – our “Golden Terrace” zone – end to end its 2.35 miles or 3.8 km
  16. Community and family gatherings, weddings, parties, tangi (funerals); The Wharenui is “Te Whare Wananga o Tupai”
  17. Martinborough Rugby Club started in 1904 – we were the regional “Tui Cup” district champions in 2019! We were semi finalists in 2020.