Bamboozled by bamboo bars!

This is a first person review of Passhier bamboo handle bars. Passhier were kind enough to supply a set of bars to Green Jersey Explorer Tours to try. We gave them to our friend DB, we knew he would get our with them! Here are his thoughts.

Green Jersey Explorer Tours said I could try the bamboo bars he was given by Passhier, made right here in New Zealand. Alex, the mechanic at Green Jersey fitted them. I have been asked to write a report more than once, it has taken me a while to get around to it.

These are the best handlebars I’ve ever ridden with! (but I have to write a bit more than one sentence.)

DB – Avid rider and friend of Green Jersey Explorer Tours

I have fitted them to my single speed. This has changed the dynamics of my bike, it is way more comfortable! It is extraordinary how much flex these bars have.

There are a few key features I like:

  • Passhier bars are not cold to touch in the middle of winter they are not as cold as metal handlebars. this was an unexpected luxury.
  • There is absolutely no ride vibration whatsoever!
  • There’s only one thing that’s a little disconcerting until you get used to it your hands must be placed evenly on the bars because of the flicks. 
  • I’ve done most of my cycling this year on the single speed, due to recovery from a head injury and I am hooked on these bars.

There’s a in-depth review below from bikepacking dot com.

I’ve done lots of gravel riding on my single speed with these handlebars and they’ve done admirably well. The only complaint I have is I am rubbing off the logos as I often ride with my hands in the middle of the bars by the stem.

Thank you Stuart and Green Jersey for letting me have these highly prized handle bars.

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