Top Wairarapa Rides #10 Greytown-Woodside Trail

Riding on the Greytown-Woodside trail is a great ride for the whole family, it is gentle, wide and very popular with visitors and locals alike.

Stats: 5km one way – Grade 1 Easy – Excellent family ride!

Cyclist at Woodside Station greeting the train from Wellington

The Greytown-Woodside Trail has been constructed on the route of the historic Greytown Branch Line. Initially it took officials some convincing to open the branchline is 1880. It ran for years with small passenger numbers and diminshing freight volumes. The end for the branch came after the 1952 Royal Commission. With revenue not covering even a tenth of the running costs, the decision to close was made after 73 years of operation. The rails were lifted and sold in 1954. The locomotive shed was sold and the station building moved to Woodside to begin a new life as a goods shed.

The trail, in it’s current form is apoular destination for cyclists, runners and walkers who enjoy the 10km oround trip from Greytown to Woodside Station and back. Travelling from East to West on the trail, riders encounter a very gentle uphill ride as it travels, offering great views, towards the Tararua Range.

Cyclist riding towards Woodside Station – Greytown

In 2010, The Greytown Trails Trust developed the old railway line from Greytown to Woodside Station into the trail you see today.

This has been a monumental effort by a group of committed volunteers who want to see development and progression of an enjoyable, active community. You can check out their website and please, make a donation to support their future projects.

When you have finished your ride, head down to The White Swan for a refreshing family friendly drink and snacks, taste some chocolate at Schoc Chocolates and visit Cobblestones historic village.

Chatting to the Greytown Locals

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